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Clothes we love

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

One of my most asked questions is where I shop for our clothes.  Pre Instagram (and children) I found myself shopping for clothes all the time. I rarely splurged on one particular item but instead bought lots of cheaper (and poorly made) pieces. It wasn’t until Archer was born (and I was spending more time shopping on my phone than at department stores) that I was introduced to many new brands and to a new way of curating our wardrobes with minimalism in mind.  I have come to realise how important it is to buy carefully – choosing pieces that will wear well, are sustainably made and can be carried on through the seasons. With this in mind, I like to choose less patterns/prints and more neutral tones which are timeless and will hopefully be passed down for years to come.


These days it’s much less about fast fashion for me and more about buying hardy pieces that will last.  Buying second hand and preloved clothing has come full circle.  What once may have been considered ‘cheap and nasty’ is now a hot trend. (Personally I grew up with op-shop/market finds but it’s taken me until the last few years to realise how valuable this way of shopping is.) When you consider how fast children grow, this is an incredibly sustainable way to shop.

Not only can you find items of clothing at a crazy low price, you can also find absolute treasures from times past you may not otherwise come across (unless spending hours scrolling eBay).  I have found that vintage items can often be of better quality than the fast fashion pieces of today and there’s more chance of finding items that are made in Australia, America or Canada.  If you’re still not convinced on op shops then you should definitely consider using the buy/sell pages on IG. Simply type preloved in the search bar and you’ll find many of your favourite Instagrammers will have their own pages selling off their second hand goods at a fraction of the retail value.



This Australian sister duo have been creating beautiful original designs for years and I was lucky enough to catch up with Danielle on the east coast last year. From Baltic amber to linen loungewear and the perfect chunky knit they always get it right with their colours and style. Designed with sustainability in mind, using organic fabrics and created for babies, children and mamas,  they’re much loved in our home.


This inspirational family ooze style and class which is reflected in their beautiful designs. Some of my most-loved pieces are from Y & O and I eagerly await their collection launch each season. Influenced by their European lifestyle, they create timeless pieces for the whole family, are created sustainably, and made to be passed down for years to come.


We adore these light and whimsical styles that are so easy to wear. Indiana has been wearing these dresses for a few years now and I love watching the designs evolve and adding a new piece to her wardrobe each season.


Cute and simple designs for everyday wear, there’s nothing not to love about this Australian brand. Adorable cropped sets, easy to wear jumpsuits and the one and only, sprinkle knit. A really great selection of unisex pieces always in the best palettes and styles.


Thanks to @justy_olive I was introduced to this beautiful French brand a few years back. Stunning designs, fabrics, delicate details and embroidery make for the most chic outfits for your darlings and also for mamas. If you’re chasing a special birthday outfit or even everyday overalls, Louise Misha have it all.


Newly introduced to this label that is inspired by warm European Summers. The kids wore these items almost daily on our trip to Greece and Italy this year and I absolutely love every single one of them.


My favourite brand for swimmers as there’s always so many styles to choose from in all the best tones and materials! Love ZZ for the kids and myself.


The first item of clothing I ever bought from Instagram was an iconic H & D romper for Iggy when she was 6 months old.  I’ve still held on to that mustard romper and it’s in my trunk for special keeps.  They design not only beautiful outfits for young children, but an extensive range of footwear too. From their first leather moccasins and T-bars to gumboots and jelly sandals, H & D have something for everyone. I’ve loved connecting with Rosie and watching her label grow.


A brand that Indiana and I have been wearing for years.  Love their pretty florals and easy to wear dresses and skirts.  We wore these pieces long before we started working with this brand on content creation and I adore the many options they have for matching mummy and me.


Little Tienda create timeless and versatile limited edition pieces that carry you through each season.  Beautifully and lovingly hand-made by artisans in India with generations of tradition and technique.  I have had the pleasure of wearing these pieces the last few years and absolutely love Em’s vision in each creation.


Adore this label for myself as I find many of these designs can be worn day or night, dressed up or down and worn over and over again. With their primary fabrication being GOTS certified 100% organic cotton, M & E are taking huge steps in changing the way fashion is produced, consumed, worn and valued. Love wearing and joining them in their sustainable journey

I have a long list of many other much loved labels and I could write about them all but here’s some images instead of some of our favourite pieces from brands Printe Bebe, Daughter Co, Nonna Lietta, Nature Baby and Mini Marley. Tap for details.

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