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  • Bohannah Gerritsen

At home with Klorane

Being a mother of three, I am always looking to use the most natural products possible on my children's skin. I've enjoyed introducing Klorane into our bath and skin routine and feel good knowing they are a brand focused on the preservation of our plants and planet. Suitable for babies from birth, Klorane's natural and vegan friendly baby care range is tested under dermatological and paediatric control to reduce the risks of allergic reactions. Its rinse-off formulas are also tear free and tested under ophthalmological control. Utilising the trusted properties of organically harvested Calendula flower extract, Klorane's baby care was formulated to soothe and protect while strengthening the natural defences of babies young, sensitive skin.

A little about the brand:

Klorane began over 50 years ago in the Southwest of France with a young pharmacist, Pierre Fabre. Driven by his passion for plants and his true belief in their benefit for health and beauty, he created the Klorane brand in his pharmacy and the concept of Pure Botanical Care was born. Klorane prioritisesorganic or pesticide free farming of their plant-based active ingredients, as well as 100% of their farming having no impact on plant renewal. They are committed to reducing theenvironmental impact of their products and packaging with 1 in 2 Klorane products being eco-designed. Their botanical experts explore the plant world to select the most beneficial plants and ensure the traceability of their active ingredients from extraction to formulation - a continual requirement to guarantee safe and healthy products. In Australia, Klorane Botanical Foundation (KBF) is proud to be supporting plant conservation through a three-year partnership with The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney to support its rainforest conservation program. KBF also shares botanical passion with Australian children through interactive workshops at the Gardens, instilling plant proficiency in our next generation.

Baby Care Range:

Klorane's Calendula flowers are organically grown and responsibly harvested by hand in northern Spain to preserve the quality of their natural extract. A testament to the brand's eco-friendly approach, Klorane's baby care range is also developed with eco-designed packaging to reduce plastic waste.

1. Cleanse your baby's hair with the Detangling Shampoo, enriched with agents to gently cleanse the most delicate hair, without stinging the eyes. It leaves hair silky, softly scented and easy to detangle.

2. Cleanse your baby’s body with the Gentle Cleansing Gel. Also a 2-in-1 that can be used to cleanse the hair, it soothes the scalp and protects the skin from drying out. Tear-free and soap-free too!

2. Soothe their body with the Moisturising Lotion, a light-weight and fast absorbing lotion. Protect your baby’s normal to dry skin from mild irritation and drying out. This lotion is clinically proven to reduce the signs of desquamation and skin dryness.

3. Nourish your baby’s face and body with the Moisturising Cream, enriched with Vitamin E and plant oils to deeply moisturise. Formulated to target dry areas for intense nourishment and antioxidant benefits

After a few weeks trialling these products, we are really pleased with the results and can recommend them highly. Olive suffers from skin irritations and her face and body instantly feels soft and comfortable after applying.

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